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My name is Rachel Meridith Cho, A 21 year old Belizean Student, with a love for the entertainment industry. Hopefully to become a future actress, director and screenplay writter. I write screenplays based on what I see! If There is still room for improvement but still take chances....

Anyone wishes to read my script can inbox me and I'll personally send a copy to you

Thank you in advance :)


Rachel Cho
Drama Romance

The script is a 3-part creole language (due to the understanding of the Belizean/Caribbean population-English only on high demands) film that highlights various topics such as friendship, love, peer pressure, sadness, regret and much more. It is about a graceful school girl, Precious, who strayed from her academics due to peer pressure to get entangled with a disc jockey (DJ) who involves himself in promiscuous activities. The DJ eventually contracts HIV/AIDS and infects Precious.