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Precious Chong is an actress, comedian, writer and stilt walker.  She co-wrote the horror comedy feature Homewrecker with Zach Gayne and Alex Essoe. A festival favourite of Fantastic Fest, Fantasia, Toronto After Dark, Grimmfest, and New York Horror Film Festival where it won Best Screenplay. It Her short film “Chinatown” premiered at The Female Eye Film Festival, New Hampshire Film Festival, and is in development with Frantic films. Her first full length screenplay “The Red Velvet Coat” won Best Screenplay at the Female Eye Film Festival.


Precious Chong

Inspired by her real life, Chinatown is a show that follows the exploits of Precious Chong a quarter Chinese red head trying to find herself after her shotgun marriage implodes.


Precious Chong
Action & Adventure Comedy

When Myra, the longtime housekeeper of Susan, kidnaps her wealthy and demanding Boss lady Susan, they end up on the run in Mexico being chased by her drug dealing ex-husband and kidnapped by a Mexican Drug lord who dreams of being a superstar.


Precious Chong
Comedy Romance

When Persephone, an insecure and broke 28 year old girl spends her last 20 bucks on a magical red velvet coat, her life instantly turns around, she gets her dream job, her dream man, her dream life, but when a desperate starlet steals it from her, her luck instantly runs out, Persephone must get the coat back or lose it all.