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(Almost) born and (definitely) raised in Cologne, Germany, Pirooz aka Ted finished his first German bar exam in law before calling it quits for pursuing his dream as a screenwriter. After becoming literally obsessed with writing, he finished six scripts in a row of which one - a drama/tragicomedy about a soccer player landing in a wheelchair after a bad incident with a doorman and his journey from rock bottom to finding a new meaning in life by founding his own soccer team consisting exclusively of players in wheelchairs - almost got made by Warner Bros. Germany. This boosted his confidence in keeping writing besides earning his money by editing, writing and translating all kinds of texts, from academia, non-fiction to novels and scripts as well as tutoring English to students and collecting some acting experience. The last fifteen years he has been consuming media in English daily. As an English-native speaker (at this point) as well as enthusiast of English speaking series and motion pictures, he has finished translating one of his scripts (Blurred Lines) into English and is eager to turn it into a movie or sell the rights.


Pirooz Pejman
Mystery & Suspense Drama

A policeman waiting for the chance of cleaning up his town from the mob takes advantage of his opportunity to infiltrate the private life of the mob boss after accidently returning the latter's runaway son back home to him.