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Born in Los Angeles from French-Canadian parents, I grew up in California, Canada, France, the Netherlands, and North Africa.

In my teens, I returned to Montreal, studied Cinematography while working in production as a P.A., Loader and 2nd AC. I also wrote and directed several short films and decided to head to Los Angeles where my career took an unexpected turn; I became involved in tech and worked primarily in the financial services industry which led to a Vice-President position with the country's largest bank. However, the need to be creative and artistic pulled me back into film and writing. I've written and sold several lower budget scripts which were produced.

I currently live in Westlake Village with my wife and through my company Northern Star Pictures, I have been developing several episodic series including THE PHOENICIAN CODE, a suspense thriller based on a novel by an award winning Lebanese author and starring actor Nick Tarabay (SPARTACUS); AMERICAN KING, a historical action-adventure based on the real story of an American adventurer who became a king in Afghanistan and BROTHERS IN ARMS, a crime drama limited series about the murder of a gay African American student during the Freedom Summer of 1964.

Writer currently has no listed scripts.