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I was born in Brett Kavanaugh’s rural Christian wet dream (otherwise known as Texas) and quickly learned to dodge boomer men and their opinions with lighthearted jokes and toothy grins; so you can imagine why I think I would thrive in show business. Growing up an only child in a large German/Mexican immigrant family was lonely, and television was there for me through it all: painful middle school years, bad perms, student loan debt stress, closeted lesbian relationships, and everything in-between. The magic of storytelling gave me everything that was always just out of her reach in reality, and I can only hope to return the favor.

Special Skills
Performing Arts


Payton Bernhardt
Drama Horror

When debutante, Trinity goes to stay with her Beauty Queen cousin, Ashton Redding, she comes face to face with the pressures of feminization, boys, and downright monstrous behavior.


Payton Bernhardt
Horror Comedy

A misdiagnosed schizophrenic comes to terms with her psychic powers and begrudgingly agrees to help the deceased with their unfinished business.