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Pamela Winfrey is an award winning playwright, screenwriter, novelist, and curator. She enjoys writing works that explores surrealism, science, and perception. She has a BA in theater, an MA in interdisciplinary arts, and an MFA in screen and television writing. Since getting her MFA in 2017, she has received nine semi-finalists, selections, and finalist awards. She has published two historical fiction novels, Marconi and His Muses and The Architect Who Changed Our World's View: A Novel Based on the Life of Andrea Palladio. She is currently the Director of the Arizona Cancer Evolution Center’s Arts Program and the Scientific Research Curator for the Aktipis Lab located at Arizona State University which studies cancer and cooperation. She specializes in curating exhibitions and performances that explore science, art, and technology. She is also the host for the ASU Leonardo LASERS which is an international series for artists and scientists.

Writer currently has no listed scripts.