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Sailing away is the best escape. Nothing else is freer, more powerful, or such a stimulus for fantasies of adventure. For 50 years I've been working in corporate America, traveling, raising two kids, loving two husbands, reading, watching films, and dreaming of sailing away.

Bright memories of mine (in an otherwise intolerable childhood) involve an annual 2-week sail with the girl scouts from Tarpon Springs to Marco Island, Florida. A scuba diver since 1976, I have floated at night in schools of florescent creatures, caught lobster, speared fish, photographed reefs, searched for shipwrecks, and had to be rescued when our powerboat started taking on water with our children on board.

If I could be magically granted one thing, it would not be a stack of gold or a castle on a hill. It would be a sailing ship as beautiful as an old schooner and as easy to operate as a modern powerboat... that never breaks down. Tales about such a ship are in my head. New stories come with every place I travel. Every shore (lake, river, or ocean) has a story. Many stories. People who live there are happy to tell you about their history, heroes, and visions for the future. It is time for my stories to help their heroes come to life.


Pamela Joy Wallace
Action & Adventure Sci-Fi & Fantasy

A lone captain explores the mists of time in his classic sailing ship enhanced with modern equipment. When future Earth is threatened by creatures spawned in the distant past, an elderly couple and a feisty oceanographer help him save humanity.