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Cristina Noya (born on July 20th, 1995 - Caracas, Venezuela) started her career in the entertainment business back in 2010. She's an actress and a writer.

Cristina's acting journey started when she became a member of the first generation of students at ActuandoAndo. The institute gained recognition with all the multiple positive reviews they received of their productions after being selected to be a part of the National Theater Festival in Venezuela with two of their plays: "Blue Martini" and "Flight 728", having Cristina in the cast of both productions. Some of her other theater credits in South America include: "The Inheritance of Uncle Frank"; "The Other Side of the Park"; and "Regards and Goodbyes". Just a few weeks before her graduation from their acting program, she accepted the offer of joining their writing department. Her credits as a co-writer include: "Don't Call Us, We Will Call You"; "The Other Side of the Park"; and "The Shoemaker's Heart".

In 2014, while Cristina was studying at Kaplan Colleges in New York City, the production team of "Tony the Brave Cowboy", invited her to be one of the female voices of the musical. She went back to Venezuela and joined the cast to record the songs from the show. Later that year, she made her debut as an independent writer with her play "The Romanov", based on the tragedy of the Russian royals. When the production closed its outstanding run, it was announced that it had been selected to be a part of the National Theater Festival in the upcoming year's lineup.

In 2015, she moved to New York and began her studies at The Lee Strasberg Theatre & Film Institute.

As soon as she graduated, she started working in different film and theater productions (in both English and Spanish). Some of her credits in the US include (theater): "Imagine" directed by Thom O'Connor; "The Last Apostle" directed by José Luis Useche -selected to be a part of the Hispanic Theater Festival-, which received eleven nominations in the awards season, including two Best Actress nominations and a win for Cristina; the musical "Luna Fest" directed by Jenn Maley -selected to be a part of My True Colors Festival-; "On the Spot" at the Broadway Comedy Club; "Bound for Broadway" at The West End; "A Midsummer Night's Dream" directed by Alice Camarota; the musical "Winter in Coney Island" -selected to be a part of the New York Theater Festival-, which received several nominations in the awards season, including a Best Actress nomination for her and her co-star; "Dead of Love" -as a part of the Micro Theater SEA lineup-, which also received several nominations, including another Best Actress nomination for Cristina and her co-star; and "Lorca Forever" at the acclaimed theater Repertorio Español. Some of her other credits in the US include (film): "Crossing Routes" directed by Doménica García; "Friendly Revelations" directed by Chad Murdock; "Dazed Express" directed by Najua Khan; "In Passing" directed by Martín Blanco; "One of Us" directed by Deborah Shonack; "Stand Clear of the Closing Doors" directed by Aidan Tracy; "Glory" directed by Chris Leoni; "The Poet" directed by Miriam Pinedo; "Words" directed by Rafael Núñez; "Gringa" directed by Amaya Guevara; and "Meet & Greed" directed by Miler Angulo.

Besides acting, Cristina is also passionate about writing, and last year, she published her most beloved project, her first novel "INTERNUM". As of now, the book can be found on Amazon in its three different formats: paperback, hardcover and ebook.

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Cristina Noya
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After finding out that her dad's cancer worsens, Isabel needs to choose between what's more important for her. Her life and career in New York or to see her father one last time. Even if the latter means that she won't be able to enter the United States again.