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Nico Casavecchia is an award winning Argentine director, screenwriter and illustrator based in Los Angeles. His work has been featured by the BBC, New York Times, Indi Wire  and Wired among others. Nico’s first feature film, Finding Sofía premiered at the Austin Film Festival 2016 and is distributed domestically by Gunpowder and Sky. BattleScar, his virtual reality film starring Rosario Dawson premiered at Sundance 2018, and his short film “A boy and His Atom”, done in collaboration with IBM scientists and made by moving carbon monoxide molecules was recognised by the Guinness World Records.

Known For
BattleScar VR


Mercedes Arturo, Nico Casavecchia, Pablo Sternbach
Drama Action & Adventure

In New York 1977, Lupe, a working class Puerto Rican teenager, discovers Punk Rock and with the help of Debbie, a white runaway girl, they decide to conquer the Lower East Side scene with their band BattleScar.