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Nick is a horror feature writer whose stories focus on embracing fear. Growing up Nick was afraid of everything. The boogeyman, spiders, aliens, the mechanical shark from Jaws. Monsters can be metaphors for life’s obstacles, and we all confront monsters. If his writing can be a fraction as cathartic for his audience as it is for him then he has succeeded. Alternatively, if it scares the hell out of some horror junkies that is also acceptable. https://www.nicktassoni.com/

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Nick Tassoni
Comedy Sci-Fi & Fantasy

A conspiracy theorist searching for her missing mother finds out that Area 51 is real, and hiring.


Nick Tassoni
Horror Comedy

A helicopter parent and her unruly daughter are stranded at a lakeside mansion as a decomposing, limb snatching, ugly bastard of a monster is unleashed upon them. Oh, the monster is also an intolerant anti-Semite.


Nick Tassoni
Mystery & Suspense

A high school outcast tries to save everyone she can when a terrorist attack unfolds during a field trip aboard a ferry boat on the Long Island Sound.