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Nevin Millan is an actor, writer, filmmaker. Born and raised in St. Louis in an international household, his immigrant parents of mixed heritage instilled a multi-cultural upbringing. His foray into the arts began at a young age via music and stage performing. He attended college and graduate school at the University of Miami and after a sojourn in Paris, moved to Los Angeles to cultivate his career pursuits.

Nevin has appeared on various screen and stage productions. A vocal proponent of diverse storytelling, he develops an array of projects through his production company, Antiquitas Pictures. With a multifaceted prism, he aims to dig deep into the human spirit through storytelling by tapping into those moments in life that spark greatness, inspiration, and growth.

Nevin is an environmentalist, avid outdoorsman, follows a vegan lifestyle, and regularly practices yoga and meditation. He currently lives in LA with his wife and two children.

Writer currently has no listed scripts.