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Oh God bio's are the worst, who actually knows what to write in these things. Do I write it in 1st person, 3rd person? After a quick checking for examples, most people on this site don't even know, their bio's are all over the place, so i'm just going to use this space to rant. Who actually cares about bio's that's another question, just judge the work for the work, most people who write are lunatics, you have to be. You can't exactly write that in a bio though, it has to be all this boring stuff about school's and troubled pasts that they think might get them sympathy. Well I never really went to college, and here's the sympathy backstory; I knew I wanted to be a writer since the second grade when my teacher specifically chose my story to read to the class. She even went as far as calling my parent's to tell them they should encourage me to follow that path. Immigrant parents however believe in no such profession, and there went that encouragement. The love for wriitng came back In high school where I would sell short stories for people to hand in for english creative writing assignments. Still thinking about how my parent's didn't believe in writing as a profession, and not finding anything of interest to study I opted for not going to college and just straight into work. Well here I am after probably well over 30-40 different jobs and professions all of which I could care less about. Writing is the only thing I've ever cared about, and i'll continue to write whether it takes me anywhere or not. If you actually read this far you're crazy, please just go read my work and then if you want to have a scintillating conversation about my life, contact me.

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