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Besides filmmaker and screenwriter,I've been university professor, mostly, teaching film language, film history, directing actors, screenwriting, film culture, etc. I've also worked as a lecturer in some film festivals as well as a member of jury . I've lived in three different countries, Spain, Mexico, and USA. Cinephile, always learning.

Known For
A certain distance from the sun, Witness of the dawn, Last chance for a slow dance


Nelson Fernandez de Cordoba
Horror Mystery & Suspense

In a small New England town, Gabriel Cowell, the local Sheriff, is experiencing a self-destructive wave because of some images that repeat themselves every night. In an ordinary morning, he finds something unusual in a forest, a child, covered in blood and mud in a state of shock and silence because of something she saw or went through. Gabriel will try his best to know what happened to her while the images from his past won't stop coming back to his mind...