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Writer Scripts


Neda Davarpanah
Drama Romance

After the unexpected suicide of her perfect twin sister, a cynical teen named Logan struggles for sanity. As her parents' marriage falls apart and her beloved father loses himself in opiate-induced numbness, Logan becomes convinced that her image-obsessed mother is hiding the real reason for her sister's suicide. While fighting her self-destructive tendencies, Logan investigates her family's dark secrets, so that she and her parents can find their way back together.


Neda Davarpanah
Drama Action & Adventure

The Revolution of 1979 has transformed into an authoritarian theocracy, where women and Westerners face violent oppression. In the wake of this chaos, headstrong Persian college student Roxana, her timid best friend, and their idealistic American professor must escape Iran to avoid being executed by religious extremists. On their dangerous journey, they will fight through riots in the streets of Tehran, hitchhike across the mountainous Turkish border, and discover the true price of freedom.