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In addition to my 3 optioned, feature-length screenplays, I have written jokes for comic genius Joan Rivers and content for comedy pioneer National Lampoon: produced a narrative feature film, Emmy award-winning television, and webisodes and music videos with billions of combined views: directed a feature-length documentary for Time-Warner and scripted segments for NBCUniversal: edited thousands of hours of content comprising scripted films, trailers, television programs, and commercials as well as unscripted scenes, sizzles, and super teases for a dozen different networks: and written and produced multiple albums for sync licensing music libraries, custom cues, and theme songs with placements in scores of films, trailers, television shows, and commercials.


Najib Tabri
Horror Mystery & Suspense

A hard-boiled detective races to exorcize an evil presence infesting the home of a single mother and her 11-year-old daughter; but the house bares an even darker, deeper secret.


Najib Tabri
Action & Adventure Mystery & Suspense

A gifted, young con artist uses movie magic to grift his way through Hollywood - until he hits the wrong mark - and a notorious crime boss offers him a first look deal: with an option to die.