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Writer Scripts


Nadine Crocker
Mystery & Suspense Horror

A young woman is abducted in the middle of the night from her home, ripped away from her life and children. She goes through extreme forms of torture, breaking her down both mentally and physically, forcing her to submit to her captor. His purpose is unimaginable and her journey tormented. Only to find out that the one thing that pushes her forward to survive is also the driving force behind her abduction. Family.


Nadine Crocker
Drama Romance

A girl suffering from depression is forced to get her shit together when she is taken involuntarily to a mental institution after trying to follow in her fathers footsteps, but botching her suicide attempt. She finds unlikely friends, unwavering love, and a life she never imagined possible for a girl like her. All to find out some decisions can’t be undone. And not every story is a happy one.