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Mrittika ‘Mou’ Sarin is a queer Indian writer, who has lived in New Delhi, Baltimore, the midwest and everything in between. She is pretty used to being the odd one out and this inadvertently led her to screenwriting, the only career choice where this is valued. She has written on CRIMINAL JUSTICE (official Indian remake of HBO's THE NIGHT OF) and won Honorable Mention at the Sloan Grand Jury Prize from the Tribeca Film Institute for her climate feature SCARCE. Her other accolades include the Alfred P. Sloan Award in Screenwriting, Humanitas semi-finalist in both Comedy and Drama, and multiple scholarships for TV writing. Before getting her MFA in screenwriting from UCLA, she was a development executive. Her cultural fluency was vital for projects made in India for an international audience so her boss decided to nickname her “export-import.” Now she’s technically an “export-import-export” but that depends on which country you’re looking at this from. This is what she loves about screenwriting: exploring complex identities and transcending borders.


Mrittika Sarin
Comedy Drama

In the cut-throat knife-flinging world of the culinary arts, a hot-tempered Indian-American chef, wants more than anything to prove her authoritarian father wrong and run an authentic restaurant that showcases food from the north-east of India but when the only people who will work with her are undocumented immigrants, she must to aside her selfish desires and use her restaurant as a sanctuary.