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Michelle Shaw grew up on a farm, studied Chinese, graduated from medical school, has traveled the world, and is an avid horse rider, scuba diver, quilter and some say semi-professional gossip. Yet, one of her biggest challenges has been babysitting her twin nieces and baby nephew. The inspiration for the debut screenplay, “The Flying Queen” came from watching animated movies on repeat for days on end. Michelle found her brain going numb by the fifth or sixth viewing, which was usually when the kids where just getting started. Fortunately, she was able to combat the boredom by imagining plots to new stories. The experience has given Michelle respect for parents everywhere.

She lives with her husband, a cat and a dog in Portland, Oregon. And the daily antics of the cat and dog are an inspiration.


Michelle Shaw
Family Animation

An orphan girl discovers her true identity and with the help of a misunderstood prince saves the kingdom she was born to protect. Please note the song "It Would Be Amazing" is produced and available upon request at [email protected]