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Specializes in listening to people, feeling their unique stories on a deep level, and transforming them through the science of structure to cathartic and moving arcs. Also an actor, musician, yogi and father. Big fan of nature hikes, doing tai-chi in public places, and crying about the beauty of human existence in bathtubs.

Work includes "Falling in VR" (here) the pilot and episode breakdowns of TV Show "Good Cop, Bura Cop" (see banner, available on request) "Jim's Room" (produced on shoestring budget, currently in festival submissions) and co-writer on "Snow Blinded" (premiered in Austria).

As well as a variety of works in different phases of readiness, as one does.

Known For
Jim's Room (feature), Snow Blinded (feature), Be With Me (short), Working Class Vampire (short)


Michael Masurkevitch
Comedy Romance

"Falling in VR" is the story of a disenfranchised millennial woman who enters into a love triangle between her real-life fiancé and a cynical VR-gigolo from a VR-adventure-dating game, that begins a self-destructive cycle which forces her to confront her deepest fears and save her inner child.