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I write stories about unexplored topics and present it from unique perspectives - the classic "fish-out-of-water theme. It's probably because I've lived this life for the last 3 decades- mixing comedy with business, brining my unique life experiences to my story telling. Improbably, I've achieved left brain/right brain harmony along the way. I focus on writing about people who find themselves in unique, unfamiliar, or uncomfortable situations. Then, mining the laughs with the purpose of showing how universal we all are.

Known For
"F" The Agony of Da-feet!


Michael LaFata, Perry Sachs
Comedy Romance

Set in the1940s, this musical romantic comedy is a throwback to Hollywood's Golden Age of musicals. It chronicles the lives and struggles of lovebirds Joe and Rose Marie, who are kept apart due to what society deems an unacceptable love… for feet! Through song and dance, they tell their story about the importance of acceptance, love and staying true to oneself.