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I’m the co-creator and writer behind the critically-acclaimed digital series JUST CUDDLE, which is being adapted as a half-hour comedy with Don Ferguson Productions. My work as a screenwriter, across multiple short films and web series, has received glowing reviews from The Huffington Post, The Toronto Star, and Metro, among others. I’m also the author of the widely-read mental health blog COLONY OF LOSERS, which has had over 5 million hits and has received international press coverage from outlets including MTV and The Bloggess.

Known For
Just Cuddle


Michael Kimber
Comedy Drama

A socially awkward loner desperate to save his only friend from an abusive relationship convinces her to join him on a road trip he thinks could lead to a fresh start.WALTER JOHNSON (mid-20s) is an autistic giant with a secret. His best (and only) friend, STEVIE ROONEY (mid-20s), is a charismatic singer-songwriter with a dream. When Walter suddenly realizes that Stevie is in grave danger –– from her increasingly violent boyfriend and musical partner, LAWRENCE (mid-20s) –– he concocts a plan: a road trip together to New York so Stevie can perform at a famous open mic known for launching artist’s careers. Walter’s hope, which he doesn’t tell Stevie, is that she’ll get discovered, find instant success and escape her abusive partner for good. Stevie would love to be discovered as well; it feels like her last chance. But she has a different (secret) plan of her own. She wants to make sure that, no matter what happens, Walter will never be alone. So, over the course of the trip, she tries to teach him how to make friends. Quarterfinalist for Nicholls and Second Rounder for Austin Film Festival.