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I was born to a 1970's motorcycle gang member and pimp who went to prison when I was 18. He is probably the reason I became a feminist, or it could have been the Evangelical cult that my mom joined when I was nine. They taught me to be a good little wife, have lots of babies, and serve the patriarchy. These experiences don't define me today but they definitely helped shape my passions. I am all about fair treatment for all, compassion, and right relations, with myself, others, and the world. I got out of poverty, traveled the world, educated myself, and have spent the last 12 years writing fiction. I enjoyed it. But then, I discovered screenwriting and was hooked. I dug in and studied the craft day and night, dedicating 10 hours a day, every day to writing. Social reform is important to me, so my stories tend to deal with women's and human rights themes as well as climate issues that fall within different genres (Drama to Paranormal to Sci-fi). I am never without an idea and spend most of my day writing.

Known For
Winner for Best Script Writer in the Toronto International Women's Film Festival: He's Just a Boy


Melanie Sovran Wolfe

**HE'S JUST A BOY Winner for BEST SCRIPTWRITER in Toronto International Women's Film Festival** Forced into an adult prison due to overcrowded juvenile centers, two teens escape their crazy reality by reading Stephen King novels and building model cars in their cell. #forPrisonRefrom


Melanie Sovran Wolfe
Drama Comedy

An anthology of stories that center around historical events that changed women's lives for the better.