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Writer Scripts


Matt George
Romance Sci-Fi & Fantasy

Lieutenant John Wilde is sent to a distant planet to fight an invading force. But soon is involved with the predicament of the thousands of orphans that have been left behind by the United States occupying forces.


Matt George
Action & Adventure Family

Fitzgerald “Fitzy” McCabe abandons his championship surfing ambitions to return to his quaint coastal hometown, Autumn Moon. There to unite his dysfunctional family, save his dying town, face his fear of the Ocean and destroy his powerful, corrupt Father who is responsible for it all.


Matt George
Romance Mystery & Suspense

An African-American Navy pilot discovers the plight of the "Children of the dust", the orphans left behind by American Servicemen in the brothels of the Philippines during the Viet Nam war. He must now choose between love and duty.


Matt George
Drama Romance

An African American Navy pilot discovers the plight of "The Children of the Dust", the children left behind by American military operations in the far east. He must now choose between duty and conscience.


Matt George
Action & Adventure Horror

A shadowy division of the CIA tasks two opposing agents, both gay, to investigate the most bizarre crimes in our nation for possible connections to global, domestic and yes, extraterrestrial terror threats.