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Writer Scripts


Matthew Bryan
Horror Action & Adventure

While trying to make money to support his family, a brash young man's killed, only to find that he now has a choice: serve time in Hell for his misdeeds or become the sin of wrath to protect his world, and his family.


Matthew Bryan
Horror Mystery & Suspense

Inspired by true events, a meek young man travels to the Eilean Mor lighthouse to find his missing brother, but when he becomes trapped on the island he must face his own guilt-ridden past, or become part of the island's bloody legacy.


Matthew Bryan
Mystery & Suspense Horror

A Chicago detective, whose brother is on Death Row, ends up with a failing heart after she's attacked and drugged investigating a top city official, so her husband arranges for her to receive her brother's heart in a desperate bid to save her, she then awakens to discover she can see, hear, and communicate with her brother to help solve cases, but when her heart rate peaks, he takes over and steps outside the law to pursue justice, challenging her beliefs with a simple question: must we become evil to fight evil?