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I'm an NYU film school graduate, winner of William Morris screenwriting award for "1980". I'm also the author of "Ink from the Pen: A Prison Memoir," which tells the story of my 9-month incarceration in 2004. (My dramatic descent into addiction and drug-dealing was the subject of a lengthy piece on GQ.com, "The Curious Cons of the Man Who Wouldn't Die" by Nathaniel Penn.) "Lucky," set in the 1990s, is my autobiographical script based on that story.

"The Exiled Heart" is a historical drama that takes place in postwar New York about a death camp survivor trying to imagine a way forward for her life. It poses the question: "What is stronger, love or memory?" (Think "Sophie's Choice" meets "The English Patient.")

I have been on Paul Dolman's "What Matters Most" podcast and will soon be the focus of a two-part "Everything is Stories" podcast. I am currently working on a YA novel "The Rules of the World" and promoting the recently finished audiobook of "Ink from the Pen" on Audible, narrated by the extraordinary Michael Crouch. (See MarquisMarq4 on Tiktok)

My biggest strength is dialogue. I am also a very skilled script doctor.

I currently edit film subtitles for a living, so am always available for that. (nuancetitles.com).


Mark Olmsted
Drama Comedy

Afraid of arrest, an HIV+ meth addict, half-heartedly intending to get sober, escapes LA in the late 90s and takes refuge with his extended and complicated family at their Berkshires summer home.