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Writer Scripts


Mark Charran & Beth Goldberg
Mystery & Suspense Drama

In the near future “Emotional Surrogacy,” a process whereby emotional deficiencies are transferred from a patient to a willing human surrogate, has become the standard procedure in mental healthcare. Yet when three high-profile individuals begin to experience eerie side effects from their procedure, SHARE (the company that treated them) dispatches its lead investigator to discredit their claims. As this investigator continues his task, he realizes that these three people hold a piece of a puzzle that begins to unravel the SHARE corporation’s mysterious past, and must determine whether to expose SHARE’s secrets to the world in this “Black Mirror” meets “Eternal Sunshine" Sci-fi noir thriller.


Beth Goldberg & Mark Charran & Victoria Hamilton
Comedy Sci-Fi & Fantasy

Two estranged sisters inherit their grandfather’s funeral home and are reluctantly forced to run the business together. But when they discover that the business is threatened by both massive debt and a mysterious lack of deaths in the town, the sisters have no choice but to take matters into their own hands – in order to survive, they must kill. (“Dead To Me” meets “Breaking Bad” set to the mysterious backdrop of “Twin Peaks”)


Mark Charran
Romance Comedy

For their entire lives Rick has always been in love his best friend Lisa, and in another universe, Lisa has always been in love with her best friend Rick. Having been spurned from childhood to adulthood, they find themselves at the end of their rope when a connection is made across these universes. Rick and Lisa meet, and vow to help each other win the hearts of their counterparts yet are unprepared for the consequences this connection has on their loved ones, and on themselves.