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Mandy grew up writing herself into episodes of her favorite shows and sequels of the well-loved books on her shelf; so it's no mystery how she came to love storytelling. After graduating from The University of Texas, she moved to Los Angeles to create and champion compelling narratives that would empower women and shed light on the topics we are afraid to address.

"I wrote The Animus because I wanted to play with the boundaries of two genres that, historically, feature men. I don't know about you, but I've had my fill of both male detectives solving crimes and handsome male leads rescuing the femme fatales of the horror and thriller genres.

I wanted to showcase intelligent and complex women kicking butt in male dominated fields, overcoming prejudices, and remaining confident of their self-worth even in the face of misogyny. It was also important to me to highlight that people who rise to power through malevolent means do not prevail in the end.

​Lastly, the issue of data privacy is of ever-increasing importance. The Animus touches on the power of data and the penalty of mishandling it.

I hope you enjoy reading this story as much as I've enjoyed writing it."


Mandy Foster, Ryan Patch
Horror Mystery & Suspense

A tightly-wound horror mystery set among young, diverse, backstabbing Silicon Valley tech founders. Detectives must decipher supernatural clues to find the truth about the complex, intertwining history of the tight-lipped group, all while a malevolent force haunts the investigation.