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Having gotten her start in the industry in 2002, Mandi has had a multitude of experiences in various roles, from screenwriter, director, actor, producer. Although Mandi is a multidisciplinary artist, she is a screenwriter first.

Most recently, she has been contracted to write a feature screenplay for a Canadian production company which led to the same company becoming attached to 2 additional screenplays of hers. She has also recently finished the second draft of her third feature screenplay Metagame, an epic Dungeons & Dragons-inspired coming-of-age fantasy/adventure which made it to the quarter-finalists (top 3%) of the Final Draft Big Break Screenwriting Contest. Her second feature screenplay Feeling Unreal, a mental health-focused script, made it to the second round of the 2020 Sundance Development Track, second round of the Austin Film Festival Screenwriting Competition, and the ScreenCraft Fellowship semifinals.

Mandi also creates a lot of her own content, most recently Annie & Pepper, a short stop-motion animation film in which she created completely solo for the Stuck At Home 48 Hour Film Project 2020. Previous to that, she co-wrote, co-directed, co-produced, and performed in The Fardy Brothers, an award-winning 7 minute mockumentary that was shot for the 2019 48 Hour Film Project Toronto, plus wrote, directed, and produced Drink Up and Good Grief, two dramatic short films. She is currently in pre-production for her next two shorts, International Love and Lost But Not Forgotten.

Mandi is also the founder, creative director, lead instructor, and script consultant for Script & Story, a brand new online training platform for screenwriters and storytellers. There, she gives script coverage to screenwriters and teaches her one-of-a-kind intensive Writing Through Play as per her extensive training in Pochinko clown. She is currently building additional courses such as The Fundamentals of Screenwriting & Storytelling and Writer Self Care, to name a few!

When she’s not writing scripts, giving script coverage, teaching, or creating her own content, she can be found (in non-pandemic times) rummaging for treasure in thrift stores, solving puzzles in escape rooms, or throwing plastic spoons during screenings of The Room.

Known For
The Fardy Brothers, Feeling Unreal, Metagame

Writer currently has no listed scripts.