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As an introverted artist and screenwriter with a child-like imagination and love of animals, I enjoy escaping into a world of my own creation. Formerly a science teacher, with an education in zoology and veterinary medicine, I plan to transform my zoologically themed lessons and artwork into an immersive filmmaking experience, including my anthropomorphized animal paintings as characters.

My animal characters are immersed in man-made technological worlds. Superficially, they seem sweet, wrapped in a sugar coating of childhood innocence. But underneath that protective exterior, an imagination is running wild, with an urgent message about conservation, consumerism, and conformity.

Inspired by the animal world and Alfred Hitchcock, my new screenplay, Zoogle, tells a story about the value of neurodiversity, the importance of the animal world, and the power of the imagination. This the message I want to share in all of my work.

Lynda Mason



Lynda Mason
Mystery & Suspense Comedy

An introverted teenager lands a job at a high-tech zoo in an attempt to free an intelligent parrot, but quickly finds herself in the midst of a murder investigation and mysterious, animal-related deaths.


Lynda Mason
Mystery & Suspense Action & Adventure

When endangered species go missing from a zoo on Alcatraz island, a group of veterinary students is tasked with tracking them down, but the reason for their disappearance is closer than they think