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Hey there! We are 22 years old, best friends since school days and huge movie fans. Since we were often annoyed by the quality of the scripts - especially in German movies - we figured it's no use to always bitch. We wanted to do something and show that things could be better. So at the age of 17, we started to make good use of our lunch break at school, sat down in the cafeteria with a notebook and started writing our own story. For months and ultimately years, we spent hour after hour in fast food restaurants. Not to eat loads of burgers, but because it was the only place where we could work on our project in peace (even if after two hours at the latest we got questioning looks as to who these two strange guys were). The smirk of the people around us, when they heard about our plan, was our motivation to follow the idea consequently. After years of work, long researches how to write a script at all and a lot of invested money for translation, professional feedback, etc. we can finally and proudly present our script for "Floodlight". Now it's up to you to give this crazy story a nice ending.

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