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Film, television,and transmedia maven. Live and recorded storytelling and spoken word producer, performer. Editor and Producer of news and entertainment sites. Have written for Microsoft, Warner Bros, HBO. Second Rounder for features and podcast series scripted fiction pilot, 2016 and 2017 Austin Film Festival; Finalist for feature script in "Best Overall Script" category, Oaxaca Film Festival; semi-finalist feature script Austin Revolution Film Festival.


Liz Belile

A closeted teen hunk longs for a life beyond small town 1950s Louisiana; devoted to rock and roll and am radio, he dreams of becoming a famous deejay. Married with kids, at the height of his radio career, he must confront his demons, or lose everything he's ever worked toward.


Andrew Olson, Liz Belile
Drama Horror

Stuck in a violent marriage to a jealous husband in the small community of Sunfish, in Depression-era Kentucky, the young, impetuous Honor longs for a life that is bigger and better for herself and their child. But when her husband's magnetic older brother confesses his feelings for her, and the community’s religious leader has taken an unnatural interest in her soul, she must learn to be true to herself or risk having her world crumble all around her.