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A Chicago native, Lily moved to LA 5 years ago. She majored in Creative Writing and minored in Cinema Studies at University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign. Loathe to let her passion for writing and degree go to waste, Lily has written a novel, short stories, and screenplays since graduating. She's now working on her second novel.

To make her living, Lily transitioned from Landscape Design to User Experience Design last year. Lily got her own radio show in early 2016, which quickly turned into weekly storytelling with a curated soundtrack. Currently Möbius Strip, the radio show, is on hold until she has a bit more time to spare from her busy tech career which is focused in Virtual Reality at the moment. However old episodes can be found in the iTunes Podcast store by searching "Mobius Strip on Party 934." The first 20 chapters of her novel "Porkbelly" have been produced as an episodic narrative as a part of Mobius Strip.

In her free time loves to practice yoga, hike, read, paint and dance. She currently lives in Venice with her sidekick, a maltese named Rocco.


Lily Mueller-Marcus
Drama Family

Before they part ways for college, posse of eccentric high school seniors attempt to navigate their burgeoning adulthood and override authorities in a strict pressure cooker of a Jesuit Prep School in a wealthy Chicago suburb.


Lily Mueller-Marcus
Mystery & Suspense Sci-Fi & Fantasy

In an increasingly surreal and psychologically disruptive technological world, a wild, romantic twenty-two-year-old woman haunted by feelings of unreality and depression races to save both her newfound love with a slippery older British man and her sanity by unwittingly departing on a quest of self-discovery under the guidance of a dry, controlling middle-aged psychiatrist and the protection of her childhood best friend turned love interest.