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Producer/Story Editor, Jon Colton Barry, commends Libby, "The amazing thing is you are thinking SO far outside the box, at this point, that you've single-handedly widened my own thought process about possibility," Lead Animator at Psyop, Will Kistler, appreciates, "in situations where long hours or heavy workloads can make people negative, Libby naturally turns to the positive instead."

This uncanny ability to manage every project with an equal amount of efficiency, positivity and humor, makes Libby an asset to any production and an inspiration to her colleagues. A regular festival laureate and independent creator, Libby has also written over a hundred hours of television, from rad to ridiculous, airing on TLC, Game Show Network, Hulu, and her favorite: “Be Cool, Scooby-Doo!” on Cartoon Network! A graduate of the famed Second City conservatory, Libby loves working with teammates who she can "Yes, And;" she's always got your back.

Born Irish Catholic in Utah and raised a cheerful go-getter in 90's Nirvana Seattle, Libby has an ingrained appreciation for being a joyous oddball. Her insatiable curiosity has taken her on literal journeys across the world (and beneath the oceans) and intellectual journeys: magical, musical, scientific and social.

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