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Writer Scripts


Lee Matthew Goldberg, Margot Berwin
Sci-Fi & Fantasy Mystery & Suspense

When the transoceanic flight containing his wife disappears without a trace, an astrophysicist’s obsession with finding her leads him on a journey of intergalactic proportions.


Lee Matthew Goldberg
Sci-Fi & Fantasy Action & Adventure

In the future, when Lexa and a team of trained assassins are sent to defeat an Alien on a sub-planet, they fall prey to its control and question the government’s involvement and why they were chosen.


Lee Matthew Goldberg
Mystery & Suspense Horror

A rising star editor is contacted by his former professor, who asks him to read his latest manuscript. The editor grows increasingly worried for his safety as his former mentor’s new novel has shocking parallels to a real life murder and hints that the killer might be ready to strike again.


Lee Matthew Goldberg
Drama Sci-Fi & Fantasy

When former police informant Sean attempts to rescue his ex-girlfriend Eva from a cult in the Ozarks, he’s unexpectedly drawn to the wild beliefs and sinister plans of Moon, its seductive leader who may harness supernatural abilities.


Lee Matthew Goldberg
Drama Sci-Fi & Fantasy

When a man with amnesia encounters his lookalike in the Alaskan wilderness, he becomes convinced they are ancestors and remembers being Wyatt Barlow, a 19th century gold prospector frozen in time, fully thawed now and desperate to get back to his family by getting dangerously close to his descendant, who has the life and the love he left behind.


Lee Matthew Goldberg
Mystery & Suspense Action & Adventure

An ex soldier is recruited to a secret organization of mercenaries whose job is to satisfy wealthy clients dark desires while hiding their identities with real-life old Hollywood masks. When he decides to leave, the hunted must become the hunter if he has any hopes of surviving.