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Lauryn Harris-Campbell is a playwright, poet, and short-story writer from Hillside, New Jersey with a Bachelor's in Creative Writing from Fairleigh Dickinson University. She would describe her work as energetic, modern, and thoughtful with influences coming from great black playwrights and novelists like August Wilson and Toni Morrison. As a black queer woman, her perspective is as layered as it is specific and it has always been important to her that her work reflects that. She loves few things more than a good story and having intimate knowledge of what it takes to create or convey one is her greatest achievement as well as her never-ending goal. She has 15 years of stage experience in dance and musical theatre and in recent years, focuses her attention primarily on playwrighting, screenwriting, and novel writing.

Special Skills
Performing Arts


Lauryn Danielle Harris-Campbell
Comedy Romance

A multi-faceted black woman falls ill, leaving her roommate and possible lover reeling to use his new abilities to save her life.