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Lauren Veloski is a screenwriter/producer, comedy writer, and brave champion of the flip phone. Her first feature script, the indie comedy “SORRY, THANKS,” was praised by Lena Dunham for writing “as seamless as any studio rom-com—if studio rom-coms had astute, nuanced dialogue.” An “unromantic comedy” about the wreckage wrought by casual douchebaggery, “SORRY, THANKS” (starring mumblecore darling Andrew Bujalski & Wiley Wiggins) world-premiered at the SXSW Film Festival, played 15 fests internationally, and was acquired by IFC/Sundance. Lauren launched her story strategy company, THAT'S BANANAS, in 2020 after years as a producer/director in television/film. She also writes unbearably funny stuff online (https://medium.com/@ohsensibleshoes). Lauren graduated from Barnard College, where she studied creative writing—much to her enduring financial detriment.

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Lauren Veloski
Comedy Sci-Fi & Fantasy

Dumped by her boyfriend of 7 years and insane with grief, hot mess Camilla Piano retreats deep into the nerdscape of cult sci-fi book series "HELIO 10" and—convinced the books are talking to her—schemes a madcap plan to travel back in time via "HELIO 10's" clues, in one last desperate attempt to save her exploded relationship.


Lauren Veloski

Brutally uncool sibling duo RAMONA and JOSEPH—a serial underachiever with delusions of Olympic glory and a just-dumped friendless flautist, respectively—combat loserdom with loserdom: hiring their local Zamboni driver as private detective and failing at all pursuits with record-setting acumen!