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Laura is an award-winning writer and performer originally from Canada who is also a Second City alumna. She has written for stage, screen, and television in addition to having a popular web series about her second passion, flying, called Lady Pilot. This year she published her first novel, The Lineholder. Laura's side hustle is being an airline pilot. www.lady-pilot.com

Known For
Lady Pilot web series


Laura McGhee
Comedy Drama

After the housing crisis of 2008, a real estate agent, an aging actress, and a sports mascot go to any means necessary to survive.


Laura McGhee
Comedy Mystery & Suspense

A young couple buys their first condo in Los Angeles - completely unaware that the local HOA will become their greatest nemesis in a fight to the death.


Laura McGhee
Comedy Action & Adventure

Follow a unicorn - one of the less than 7% of pilots who are women - as she progresses from new pilot to astronaut.


Laura McGhee
Comedy Action & Adventure

Can you manipulate events in your dreams in order to change them in real life? An airline pilot, whose life is in shambles after 9/11 is about to find out.