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Laura is a pre-WGA Aussie writer who immigrated to the USA about 10 years ago. She loves writing dark(er) comedies and finding humor and irony while digging into subjects and topics often left undiscussed. Having battled PMDD since her mid-teens and later on infertility, she is committed to sharing stories centered around women and mental and emotional health.

The immigrant experience of the pull between her 'new home' and her 'birth home' has given Laura a passion for exploring themes of privilege, power, and what really defines home.

Laura's pilot sample "Two Americas (or, Undocumented)" based on her own immigration experience is the perfect example of how she finds moments of humor, wit, and warmth in taboo topics. She has placed in multiple screenwriting competitions, including Austin FF, BlueCat, Hollyshorts, and Screencraft.

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