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Lance C. Hendrickson is an award-winning writer, and has been a contributing columnist for publications across America such as The San Antonio Current (Texas), Connect Savannah (Georgia), and The High Plains Reader (Fargo, ND); he also served as a member of the Muskegon Chronicle's reader-advisory panel. He was elected to his hometown school board in Hesperia Michigan in 1997, and was the Democratic primary winner in Michigan's 101st State House district in 1996 and 1998. Hendrickson has been a licensed attorney since 1993, focusing early in his career on complex commercial litigation, major felony defense, and federal Indian law. Later professional life in six states found him representing about a dozen different Indian tribes in various governmental and gaming-related matters. Back home in West Michigan these days, he mostly drinks beer, smokes cigarettes, watches the Detroit Lions find new ways to lose, takes on select legal matters for clients he likes, and writes about whatever comes to mind on a given day.

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