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Raised in a typically large and exceptionally hilarious New England Irish family, Kyle honed his sense of humor battling for laughs at family gatherings. He now translates those skills into writing comedy-infused genre like action, thriller, horror, and yes, straight up comedy yucks. 2x AFF Semi-finalist, Screencraft & Emerging Screenwriters Finalist, Nicholl Top 10%, and an all around swell dude.


Kyle Little, Michael Millichamp, Oliver Leo
Horror Western

1846, The American West. A ruthless gang of outlaws are forced to flee into uncharted forest, where they encounter sinister forces beyond their understanding. With a pair of nontraditional bounty hunters on their tail (one a woman, one black), it becomes a question of who will kill them first- their pursuers, nature, each other... or something not of this world.


Kyle Little
Comedy Mystery & Suspense

Saigon. Present day. An American private eye is hired by a young Vietnamese woman to find her missing sisters. Problem is, he's a washed up drunk, she insists on tagging along, and both of them are lying through their teeth... Screencraft and Emerging Screenwriters Finalist, Austin Film Festival Semi-finalist. A modern gumshoe noir set in the seedy neon underbelly of Saigon. If Raymond Chandler put too many chilies in his pho, gave the femme fatale her own voiceover, and decided to become fucking hilarious, this is the shit he would write.


Kyle Little
Horror Comedy

When a mysterious strain of weed begins turning the smokers of a small town into flesh-eating zombies, two rival pot dealers must team up, kick some ass, and nip the zombie apocalypse in the bud!


Kyle Little
Drama Comedy

When two slacker best friends are kicked off the high school football team, they seek revenge on their sadistic coach in the most difficult and potentially humiliating way possible: by coaching against him in the annual Girls' Powderpuff Football game.