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An Afro-latino, Brooklyn-born creative who essentuates the subtly and intricacies of human interaction.

I use intersectional genres to create tangibly relatable stories. I aim to develop characters that are memorable and realistically unpredictable.

I have experience working background on over a dozen major television productions, and as a featured actor on TV One's "For My Man." I’ve also acted in leading and supporting roles in staged performances. I am currently developing two hour-long series, a short-form series, a short film, and a feature film.

I believe disparate experiences help amalgamate each interpretation into a cohesive vision.


Khalil Bishop
Drama Sci-Fi & Fantasy

A Biochip Analyzer becomes the glue for a team of rebels trying to dismantle a submerged stronghold, before their thoughts are privatized.


Khalil Bishop
Mystery & Suspense Comedy

Six interconnected stories reveal the puzzle pieces necessary to solve a single crime. Each episode provides nuances that expose the everyday struggles of each individual.