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My name is Kevin Staake and I’m a writer, director, executive producer. I’ve written and developed features, pilots and shorts on spec for a number of years, gaining positive coverage, rising in competitions, securing financing to produce a few. When I’m not writing, developing or directing, I’m an EP at the production company Pomp&Clout where we specialize in short form, mostly commercials, with the occasional music video.


Kevin Staake
Mystery & Suspense Drama

A documentary crew sets out to make a film about a radical anti-war activist, only to find their own views challenged and transformed.


Kevin Staake
Mystery & Suspense Horror

Traumatized after hearing a confession to murder, a young woman quits her suicide hotline job, attempting to continue helping those in distress by starting an ASMR channel, only to find she’s reached a disturbed audience and one eerily familiar fan.