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Kevin's an EMMY winning WGA documentary director/writer. If you’ve watched Nat Geo or The Discovery Channel you’ve seen his work. He's the idiot in the water filming sharks for Shark Week. His screenplay for the horror film “The Inhabitant” was just produced and will be released this fall - https://deadline.com/2020/12/dermot-mulroney-leslie-bibb-the-inhabitant-jerren-lauder-1234650590/. That same screenplay was a semi-finalist at the 2017 Austin Film Festival in the screenwriting competition, and the winner of Stage32's New Blood Contest 2018. He also won the PAGE Awards Grand Prize in 2018 for his screenplay Tundra Kill, as well as winning Screencraft's Action and Adventure contest. He was also a finalist for The Sundance Institute’s Episodic Fellowship for 2017 for his teleplay Viral. His screenplay, My Boyfriend the App, (Once Upon An App) won the Rom/Com category at Final Drafts Big Break 2018 screenwriting contest.

Known For
Directing/Producing/Writing Documentaries for Shark Week, National Geographic, PBS
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Kevin Bachar
Action & Adventure Horror

A young Cuban boy witnesses his uncle’s death when they try to catch, El Monstruo, the biggest great white shark ever. Thirty years later , the boy, now a father, must navigate the same shark infested waters when his family escapes Cuba in a tiny boat. Based on True Events.


Kevin Bachar
Horror Mystery & Suspense

On a remote desert ranch, a mother and daughter are captured by a serial killer. While her daughter's tied up, the mother fights back, and she and her attacker fall into a large unfinished pool. Trapped within the pit, the two must work together to escape. But what happens once they get out? Silence of the Lambs meets Buried.


Kevin Bachar
Action & Adventure Mystery & Suspense

AFF SEMI-FINALIST, SUNDANCE FINALIST, TRENDING BLACKLIST SCRIPT, A transplanted Chicago cop clashes with the local Amish while investigating an Amish teen's murder. Soon the cop’s family is endangered when she uncovers the seedy underbelly in her supposed picture perfect town.