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Ken Pisani
Drama Mystery & Suspense

A disgraced former journalist, fired from a news/internet media company for fabricating stories, finds himself stranded in a desert town of oddballs and magic realism, a place where lives intersect and worlds collide... and reality trumps any fiction he could have concocted.


Ken Pisani
Action & Adventure Comedy

The word's greatest team of superheroes, retired since the ’80s, is forced to reunite to save Earth from an alien invasion…but the heroes face a host of ailments and insecurities, and decades apart hasn’t changed the fact that they still can’t stand each other. "Guardians of the Galaxy" meets "R.E.D.," a sci-fi/superhero comedy. (From Dark Horse Comics writer/creator Ken Pisani. Based on the comic book by Ken Pisani and Jim Lavery.) "'Power Groove' is a comic in tune with superhero tropes and ready to poke fun at as many as it can. A seasoned pro in the entertainment industry, Pisani brings an authentic sense of humor that can easily navigate from light to pithy to snarky." -- Comicsgrinder.com


Ken Pisani

A hilariously-beleaguered magazine writer, suffering exaggerated feelings of abandonment, tries to reconnect with his extended family, scattered a generation ago by a particularly nasty familial infidelity. As he mines their lives for material for his column, including unhappy marriages, failed careers, spoiled kids, drug addiction, homosexuality, and his own obsession with his dead-by-suicide father, he risks losing them all over again.