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KEN PISANI is an Emmy-nominated television producer, screenwriter, playwright and novelist. His debut novel "AMP'D," published by St. Martin's Press, was a Los Angeles Times best seller and a runner-up for the 2017 Thurber Prize for American Humor. His original sci-fi graphic novel from Dark Horse Comics, "Colonus," won the Geekie Award for Best Comic Book and has been collected in a trade paperback. His original play about retired rival boxers of the civil rights era, "Glove Story," available on Amazon, was a finalist for the O'Neill National Playwrights Conference and selected to the 2014 D.C. Black Theatre Festival, with a full stage production in the spring of 2019. Ken recently completed a feature screenplay co-written with David Seidler ("The King's Speech"), and is currently working on a variety of projects for film and television, including adaptations of his published work and a new novel, "The Defection and Subsequent Resurrection of Nikolai Pushkin."



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Runner-up for the Thurber Prize for American Humor for debut novel "AMP'D," optioned for TV
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Ken Pisani
Comedy Drama

Reunited by a woman sportswriter, two aging retired boxing rivals who fought a racially charged trilogy during the early days of the civil rights movement find that their battles are far from over, as their stewing animosity erupts to hilarious and ultimately poignant effect.


Ken Pisani

A soldier at a checkpoint. A surgeon with her hands full. A Muslim on his lunch break. A bickering elderly couple. And two businessmen on the road. What could they possibly have in common? A comic look at the power of Faith and the even stronger pull of Doubt.


Ken Pisani

One part “The Post”-like newsroom thriller, one part courtroom drama "Justice" tells the "origin" story of SCOTUS Justice John Paul Stevens - a tale of collusion, obstruction, abuse of power, and a highly anticipated report that can send powerful men to prison. But this isn’t 2019, it’s 1969, alongside headlines of the Apollo moon mission, a presidential hopeful’s crash in Chappaquiddick, and a new generation’s pilgrimage to Woodstock—when a Chicago attorney and his team of young, untried lawyers and investigators risked “career suicide” while pressing an investigation of powerful political figures filled with dramatic turns... and Stevens is about to launch himself to national prominence and a seat on the US Supreme Court for the next 35 years.


Ken Pisani

The long-simmering animosity between brothers – one a super-rich investment banker, the other a luckless slacker - takes a turn when an accident renders the young slacker supernaturally lucky and he decides to teach his greedy big brother a lesson. His blessing soon becomes a curse as he loses the things he took for granted, including the simplicity of his old slacker life, and the affection of his recently returned childhood sweetheart.


Ken Pisani
Comedy Action & Adventure

After 30 years in prison, a father is paroled into a world of technology and social change that have him flummoxed, and the reluctant custody of his estranged son, a tech company guru who makes him feel obsolete. But the tables turn when a shadowy government agency launches a series of cyber-attacks and attempted hits on the son, and only his analog dad can save him.


Ken Pisani

A hilariously-beleaguered magazine writer, suffering exaggerated feelings of abandonment, tries to reconnect with his extended family, scattered a generation ago by a particularly nasty familial infidelity. As he mines their lives for material for his column, including unhappy marriages, failed careers, spoiled kids, drug addiction, homosexuality, and his own obsession with his dead-by-suicide father, he risks losing them all over again.


Ken Pisani

In 1989 a young Soviet hockey player defects to the West, where he falls in love with the music of Rick James, “Fight the Power,” and the beautiful sister of his roommate, the Buffalo Sabres’ truculent enforcer and the only Black player in the NHL. Overwhelmed, he tries to defect once again, this time back to Russia, as the disparate lives of a sullen teen musician, overzealous KGB agent, social media influencer, “Tank Man,” Vladimir Putin, and a Russian dancing bear collide with devastating and absurd effect that ripple across decades. Based on the novel by the author of "AMP'D," runner-up for the 2017 Thurber Prize for American Humor


Ken Pisani
Action & Adventure Comedy

The word's greatest team of superheroes, retired since the ’80s, is forced to reunite to save Earth from an alien invasion…but the heroes face a host of ailments and insecurities, and decades apart hasn’t changed the fact that they still can’t stand each other. "Guardians of the Galaxy" meets "R.E.D.," a sci-fi/superhero comedy. (From Dark Horse Comics writer/creator Ken Pisani. Based on the comic book by Ken Pisani and Jim Lavery.) "'Power Groove' is a comic in tune with superhero tropes and ready to poke fun at as many as it can. A seasoned pro in the entertainment industry, Pisani brings an authentic sense of humor that can easily navigate from light to pithy to snarky." -- Comicsgrinder.com