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Kelly was born and raised in Inglewood, California. Growing up, she was drawn to storytelling and wrote short stories and plays to escape the turbulent neighborhood gang violence that claimed the lives of some of her childhood friends. After becoming an attorney, Kelly returned to her passion of screenwriting and found joy in creating sci-fi and psychological drama TV scripts. Kelly's recent successes include her TV pilot script "Choose" placing as a Finalist in the Emerging Screenwriter's Genre Screenplay Competition, and her TV pilot script "Virus, Inc." placing as a Quarterfinalist in the ScreenCraft TV Pilot Script Competition, the BlueCat Screenplay Competition and the Fresh Voices Screenplay Competition.

Coming from a family of musicians, Kelly is an avid music enthusiast and in her spare time she enjoys discovering and listening to music and making beats. She also enjoys staying abreast of developments in the fields of holistic medicine and quantum physics.


Kelly Woodson
Sci-Fi & Fantasy

Pardoned for a crime he didn't commit, a disenfranchised black man discovers technology that allows him to hop in and out of parallel universes, triggering a series of costly events.


Kelly Woodson
Drama Mystery & Suspense

A well-known, affluent family infects the public with viruses through their commercial food and household products line.