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Screenplay for psychological thriller, The Conduits, hosted on The Black List, citations:

Best Writer: Feature Film, Hollywood Script Awards, April 2022.

Honorable Mention, Santa Barbara International Screenplay Awards, May 2022.

Best Feature Thriller Screenplay, Best Script Awards: London, May 2022.

Best Thriller Screenplay, Cannes Film Awards, May 2022.

Best Thriller Script, 8 & HalfFilm Awards, August 2022.

Honorable Mention, New York Movie Awards, August 2022.

Best Feature Script, Paris Film Awards, August 2022.

Official Selection for: The First-Time Screenwriter Showcase (April 2022); Chicago Script Awards (July 2022); London Movie Awards (July 2022).

Writer, London-born. Researched and scripted TV documentary, "Dorkay House And All That Jazz", Bobby Heaney Productions. Scripted B-roll for "Africam" - live, web-based wildlife feed with edited B-roll throughout. Writing, casting and directing for live corporate events. Extensive writing, casting, directing and voice over for radio advertising and competitions. Ersatz TV column Chance Comments ran in print for eight years in South Africa. Now based in the UK.


Katy Chance

Has the sun set on Sunrise Bay? An I.P.O or an I.P.A for the Rose empire? Why does Moira think the world has gone all withershins? And can David and Patrick's marriage survive in a post-pandemic Schitt's Creek?


Katy Chance
Mystery & Suspense

Two wildly popular online mediums, both sociopaths, see their well-oiled operation fall apart as small errors, and one fatally big one, lead to where the bodies are buried.