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Kate Langsdorf is a writer and stand-up comic. Depending on which version of her resume you're looking at, she may also be a Dramaturg and Audience Engagement Specialist. She is a Helen Hayes Award-nominated playwright whose work has appeared Off Broadway and across the U.S. Her long-running podcast, The Savvy Observer, has been hailed by critics as “mostly funny.” She's the author of A Quick Guide to Childproofing Your Death Trap of a Home, which to date has earned her enough income to buy two fancy sandwiches and a flavored iced tea.

Kate holds a B.A. in Theatre Directing and Performance from Cal State Long Beach and an M.F.A. in Creative Writing from Full Sail University. After a decade of adventures in Washington, D.C., she recently returned to her native Los Angeles. She is pleased beyond measure to finally have access to good burritos again.

You can visit her jokey blog about parenthood at hipstermother.com. She doesn't update it much now that her kid is a non-baby, but you can for sure still read about that time she accidentally lit her hair on fire with a relaxing aromatherapeutic candle while she was trying to fix a plugged milk duct.

Known For
Some UCB sketches

Writer currently has no listed scripts.