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JZ Murdock
Action & Adventure Sci-Fi & Fantasy

A prophet prince named Ahriman who is accidentally and inadvertently brought to Earth by scientists from his ultra violent, alien desert planet had wanted only to help and convert his people to peace. Instead he finds he has no choice but to protect this planet called Earth from those he has sought all his life to save from themselves-- at any and all costs.


JZ Murdock
Drama Mystery & Suspense

Uniquely accomplished teen stands between traumatized female murder witness and the Mafia for a week of fun, frolic, and death, in 1974. A naive but well-trained teen is asked by a more experienced woman for protection for a week from Mafia family for witnessing their murder of one of their own. Sex, drugs & rock-n-roll meet sex, drugs & mayhem. Consultant Jen Grisanti liked it a lot, liked the world being created in it, and said JZ Murdock was a great writer. Entertainment attorney Michael Donaldson: "It's the perfect time for this story." Blacklist: "A viable project to see to production." BlueCat contest: "Why this isn't on screen yet!" After witnessing the scenes involving Gordie’s Air Force background, we realize just what kind of a character he’s raised to be: someone who couldn’t really care about his own safety, but as witnessed with his reaction with Lena’s injury (as well as his eagerness to help Sara much later on), someone that has the capacity to care for others. But it didn’t just stop there. Even with a skydiving malfunction, it seemed like Gordie’s own life doesn’t even seem to be worth two dollars and fifty cents, as the repack itself was a bit out of his budget. All this makes Gordie quite the exciting character to follow given his astounding complexity. His nonchalant approach to life is intoxicating mainly because it’s like watching fire: although dangerous, it’s still alluring. Given the Carbone family’s involvement in the story, the initial hook of witnessing Gordie potentially murder someone, as well as echoing his words “do it” as he did with his first jump, is very well played out—as it shows parallels between one world and another. The writer also seems to have done quite the research, and it’s impressive to know that the events are chronologically accurate. I was pleased to find out Gordie actually made it out of everything and even had a family of his own. Given that it was a real story based off real events, I could’ve never predicted that he’d make it to that kind of life. Overall, The Teenage Bodyguard is one heck of a life story that I’m surprised isn’t on the big screens already—a well-done thriller that knows how to lure you into a story about two unlikely people, Gordie and Sara, and how they took a turn for the unexpected.


JZ Murdock
Action & Adventure Horror

People fear demons. Demons fear, Gray and Lover. Female steampunk duo who contract to various religions, are contracted to stop a demon terrorizing Seattle to kill a famous horror writer being targeted by his golddigger wife.