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As a kid, I was laser focused on the entertainment industry and followed that path to film school at Chapman University. After graduation, I founded a production house which expanded over the years to become a full-fledged creative agency. It eventually took all my time and attention to the advertising world.

Cue the pandemic! And like for so many others… cue the life change! I’ve decided to get back to my roots as a creator of entertainment, be it a writer, director, or showrunner — all positions in which I can combine my creativity and passion with my 20 years of experience growing a successful production business.

Alma Mater


Justin Viar

When a Madison Avenue executive loses his job and reputation over a misunderstood advertisement, he’s forced to leave New York to rehab his image in a remote town in Middle America.


Justin Viar

When the lives of three "girl dads" from diverse backgrounds become markedly intertwined, they begin working together to overcome their shortcomings in the struggles of modern parenting.