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Justin Geldzahler is a writer and filmmaker from Virginia who focuses on genre scripts that double as emotionally grounded dramedies about people struggling to connect. He recently wrote and directed his first feature, the horror-cringe comedy GLUE TRAP, and is a consultant on the new seasons of SUCCESSION and EUPHORIA for HBO. His big sexy western THE QUIET KIND was selected for The GLAAD List and The Black List Feature Lab.

In addition to making a bunch of short films, he has researched for and contributed to THE PLOT AGAINST AMERICA, FOSSE/VERDON, OUTLANDER, FIDDLER ON THE ROOF, and RESPECT.

(Also, one time he wrote an allegedly mean tweet that Larry King was forced to read on Kimmel.)

Known For
Glue Trap, Succession
Black List Lab Alum
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Justin Geldzahler
Action & Adventure Western

Hired by an orphan to avenge her parents, a wild west bounty hunter barrels into a murder mystery only to face a more difficult question — can the strong silent type learn to talk about his feelings?